Mackenzie and Gage

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Our Story

Gage and I first crossed paths in high school, and although we attended different schools, we found common ground in sharing our high school experiences. From football games to proms and homecomings, we soaked up every moment together, including our high school graduations.

After high school, Gage went on to college out of state while I traveled as often as I could to visit him. Despite the distance, our bond only grew stronger. And when Gage made the move to California, I took a chance and joined him for what was meant to be a summer adventure, but it turned out to be the beginning of a new chapter - living out of hometown, together.

Together, we have explored the great outdoors, with Gage leading the way as an avid outdoorsman. He introduced me to the joys of camping, skiing, and climbing, and I quickly fell in love with these adventures.

It was during one of our camping trips, in the breathtaking Steamboat Springs, Colorado, that Gage proposed, and I said yes! We are overjoyed to start this new chapter in our lives, as we become the Howards and embark on countless more exciting adventures together.